Randy Cassidy Headshot.jpg
Randy Cassidy


HOME COURSE: Park City Municipal Golf Course
JOB TITLE: Real Estate Developer; primarily low income housing tax credit multifamily development. My wife Karen and I also own an enrichment school in Park City for 3 to 5 year olds.
FAVORITE GOLF COURSE(S): Victory Ranch and BIGHORN Golf Club, Mountain Course
FUNNIEST GOLF MEMORY: The first year I was introduced to golf (age 12/13), I was caddying for a gentleman who kept me on his bag for years after this incident; we got to #6 tee box at our local country club and I handed him his driver…postage stamp green, no more than 106 yards from the tips!
HOBBIES: I enjoy the heck out of golf and volunteering with the UGA/USGA Rules.  Skiing and traveling, particularly to Buffalo Bills’ games, are high on the list as well.
FAVORITE QUOTE: “Move it or paint it red,” my Civil Engineering Professor from Bucknell University as we would be touring the back roads of Pennsylvania looking at old covered bridges! Slow moving vehicles drove him crazy, as they do me. My kids now use the quote! [Step on your gas pedal or paint your car to look like a stop sign!]
WHY HE IS A UGF BOARD MEMBER: Keith Hansen! I have always loved the game of golf and had the time and interest to become a Rules volunteer in 2013.  Keith was kind enough to include my name as the UGF began to rebuild a few years ago. Although short on time away from my day jobs, I enjoy giving back to The Game when I can.